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Let’s face it, life can be hectic. It can sometimes leave us holding on to the edge, panting for air and wondering why it is already dark. In this hectic life of ours, often our personal needs are put on the back burner resulting in our skipping breakfast, having lunch on the run and consuming heavy meals late into the night. Oh! The art of eating – where has it gone? Well, was it actually ever really here?
We seem to have slipped from war-time rationing of the 1940’s where people were undernourished due to the lack of food availability and variety, to indulging our taste buds on a massively destructive level in the 2000’s.

It is without doubt that we need vitamins, minerals and trace elements and most of us have come across the 5 a day advert. We know all of this, but how do we fit attaining a healthy diet regime into our very busy lives? How do we think past the many adverts and shop shelves full of processed and prepared meals? How do we navigate through all of our commitments, invitations and personal needs? How do we guarantee our 5+ portions of fruit and veg a day?



Fruit and vegetable juices are fast foods. Fast food?  Yes, you did hear correctly. Fruit and vegetable juices, if prepared and consumed correctly, are absorbed extremely quickly because their fiber content has been removed.  These juices are liquids that are made up principally of distilled water plus all of the goody vitamins, trace elements, enzymes and secondary plant thing-a-mi-bobs that your body needs to function. Therefore, you are nourishing yourself at a cellular level within about 20 minutes of drinking your juice.

That’s fast food! And that’s fantastic!

Fresh fruit and vegetable juices can be very beneficial to your vitality, and contributes a great deal to how you feel, look and think. Your hair, skin and eyes are very clear indicators of your vitality and to some degree you could say that you are what you eat. Many health organizations recommend 5 servings of fresh fruit and vegetables per day. Well, how about having 5 a day in a glass and that’s just for breakfast.



Juices are very beneficial to health and weight loss
Not only are juices on the top of the list for health but they can also replace meals and be invaluable in assisting in weight loss without missing out on important nutrients.

Join me for a JUICY MORNING and learn about:
•    The benefits of juicing
•    Why 5 + a day
•    Recommended juicers
•    Juice demonstration with sampling
•    Hiring / buying a juicer


NEXT JUICY MORNING:  Ask!   I’m planning one, but have not yet set a date . . . . . but watch this space in 2018