Holistic Body Therapy

Massage Therapy

Aroma Massage

An Aroma Massage combines gentle, rhythmic massage and aromatic essential oils to help you relax and let go of every day stress. The carefully chosen essential oils permeate your skin allowing their qualities to work their magic in your body, and they fill the air with their scent, gently affecting your mood, thus helping you to relax physically, mentally and emotionally. Aroma massage is for everyone and especially for those who are interested in energetic balancing and supporting their spiritual growth.


Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy addresses physical issues ranging from tense and tired muscles throughout the body, headaches, pain, tennis elbow, frozen shoulder and more
Often it can incorporate measuring your current flexibility in the problem area, with a future measurement after 4-5 massages therapies to ascertain any improvement in flexibility, and passive stretching to maintain or improve flexibili


Massage helps to:

•    Reduce stiffness and pain
•    Decongest and Strengthen the immune system
•    Stimulate skin functions and muscle tone regulation
•    Regulate blood pressure, heart rate, breathing and sleep

Psychic relaxation and
•    Improves sense of well-being – brings you back to you

Reduces Stress

The power of gentle touch as in a massage is second to none in making you feel cared for and loved.


Keeping your joints moving and your muscles long and flexible is paramount if you want to enjoy mobility at any age. Being physically passive is one sure way to make all of your body systems passive, for your joints to become sticky, your muscles small and lifeless and leave yourself wide open to various illnesses as well

What’s important for a healthy life? Fresh air, fresh water, organic nutrition, relaxation, exercise, and positive thinking.  Your health is your wealth – be rich!