Holistic Body Therapy

Clutter Clearing

We are surrounded by personal stuff at home and to a lesser degree at work. There’s stuff in every room; in our wardrobes, chest of drawers, kitchen cupboards, bathroom cabinets, office space, on our shelves, in drawers, in handbags, in cars, on balconies, in store cupboards, in cellars and in loft space. This accumulated stuff and its energy can have a great effect on the space that you live in and therefore on you and your family. It can influence work and life directions, relationships and health, wealth and recognition and marriage, children and mentors. The energy that useful and loved stuff can bring is positive, uplifting and harmonious and can help in creating a beautiful atmosphere in your home, that will make you feel comfortable and at ease. The energy that useless stuff can bring is negative and could make you feel stuck in one or several aspects of your life.

What should you do with this stuff?  Probably most of it is serving you well. Looking at stuff it can be put into one of three categories:  Love it, Need it, Chuck it, but categorizing stuff and dealing with it could be more time consuming, frustrating and emotional demanding than it sounds.

Stuff under this category means that it is cared for.  It is probably dusted, washed, touched, looked at, appreciated, and talked about and basically given special attention. Perhaps it is something that was expensive, bought at a time that you were very happy, or made by yourself or someone special. This cared for stuff comes under the category of LOVE IT.

Stuff under this category means that you need to use it on a regular basis be it frequently or even just once a year. It is something that fulfills a need. To function properly it must to be in good condition, clean, complete, and possibly be serviced.  This stuff helps to keep our lives in order, it’s useful and we NEED IT.

Some things have simply gone past their sell by date and have no place in our lives any more. That’s ok, that’s just how it is. Chuck it? Well you could have a car boot sale, take it to a local second hand shop or charity shop, or even sell it or give it away through an internet site. The stuff that we don’t need in our lives – CHUCK IT.

So, go ahead and clear your clutter. It will release energy and make you feel so much better.

However, if you are struggling and require assistance, then please contact me and I will help you to get organized.