Holistic Body Therapy

About Sarah

My interest in complimentary medicine and holistic healing go way back, when I completed a course with Shirley price at The London School of Aromatherapy in the 80s.
After relocating to Switzerland, soon after becoming an Aroma Therapist, it was apparent that my lack of German language knowledge resulted in my newly acquired skill only being suitable for home use.  My passion for essential oils led to the house smelling wonderful and to my babies having beautiful massages.

As the children were growing up and my language skills improved, I ventured to take several courses



1995       CTEFLA (Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language to Adults)

1999       Feng Shui Adviser

2000      REIKI I & II

2007       Fussreflexzonenmassage

2006       Teaching English for Business

2012       Professional Massage Therapist

2013        Lomi Lomi Nui  Massage

2013        Juice Academy, GB

2017        Breuss Back Massage

2017       Massage Cupping

2017        Aroma Massage


I also believe in simple living with natural fresh organic food, sourced mostly from local suppliers with lots of variety and colour.

My interests are many and varied.

My passions, at the moment, are Rebounding, making kefir – it’s like yoghurt but it’s quite tart and fermented vegetables.

Oh yes, and I’m passionate about the naughtiness of homemade organic chocolate – delicious!