Holistic Body Therapy


Mini-Trampoline for     HEALTH        FITNESS        WEIGHT LOSS       and       FUN                         

Bouncing on a Mini-Trampoline provides immense health benefits, one of them being a very low-impact exercise. Due to the change in gravitational force that is experienced during Mini-Trampolining all muscles are massaged, in fact every cell is massaged; every cell, every muscle, every ligament, every bone, every organ and every organ-system is stimulated, all while being very gentle on joints.  Whether you have a health issue, generally want to become fitter or you are on a weight-loss programme, rebounding classes with Sarah are varied, informative and fun.  Easy routines are slowly and systematically learned and then done to music.  Through different exercises, different body areas are concentrated on and results are quickly felt and seen.

What are the benefits of Mini-Trampolining?


•    Increases energy and vitality
•    Improves the lymphatic and immune system
•    Reduces stress and tension
•    Increases the capacity of the heart and lungs
•    Improves muscle tone
•    Improves circulation
•    Improves balance and co-ordination
•    Has a positive effect on digestion
•    FUN!  FUN!  FUN!


For a group or private introduction to Mini-Trampoline contact Sarah to arrange an appointment
You can find the registration form here. Please fill in and send by e-mail.

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Who can train on a Mini-Trampoline?

Mini-Trampolining is suitable for all abilities and all ages.
Of course it’s always recommended to clear this with your doctor if you have health issues that make you unsure whether Mini-Trampoline is for you.